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Information about Topaz's MS Office and Adobe Acrobat plug-ins

MS Office Plug-Ins Help


  • Why is my signature image so small in MS Word?

    The plug-in sizes a signature's display image using its baseline as a reference rather than its top edge. If the cursor is immediately beneath a line of text, the plug-in will adjust its size to fit from the cursor up to the text above - only one line - rather than using any available space below the cursor. To ensure that your signature images are displayed at the proper size, make sure that you leave enough space between the cursor and any page items appearing above it before signing.



  • Why doesn't my signature appear in the document after signing?

    First, verify that a signature was created by clicking on the Validate Sig icon. If a message appears that says "No Valid Signature in Document", a signature was never created. Make sure that Word is in "Print Layout" by clicking "View" and selecting "Print Layout". Now, click the Sign Doc icon. "New" should appear in the signature select box. Sign, name the signature if desired, and click Done.



  • Why does my signature appear higher than the location where my cursor was placed?

    This indicates that the white space normally seen between two pages in a document is hidden. Click on the Office Button or "File" tab > "Options" > "Display", and check the box next to "Show white space between pages in Print Layout view". Then, exit out of the "Options" window and open the "Sign Doc" window from the "Add-Ins" tab. Select the affected signature, delete it, and re-sign the document.



  • How do I place a signature inside a table?

    The best way to place a signature inside a table is to first place the cursor somewhere in the document (outside of the table) with plenty of blank space. Go to the "Add-Ins" tab and click on the "Sign Doc" icon. Sign, name the signature if desired, and click "Done". Then, go to the "Developer" tab and click on the "Design Mode" icon. You can now resize the signature field and drag it into an existing table in the document.



  • Can I use date fields when creating documents or spreadsheets?

    Do not use date fields when creating documents or spreadsheets. Date fields can auto-update when the document or spreadsheet is opened. This will cause any signatures within the document or spreadsheet to become invalid. To avoid inadvertently invalidating signatures, it is best to manually enter dates into a document or spreadsheet.



  • Can I send a signed Word document or Excel spreadsheet to someone else?

    If you want to send your signed Word document or signed Excel spreadsheet to someone else, that person must install SigPlus as well as the MS Office Plug-In.



  • Why doesn't the Signature Select in the Sign Doc window say "New"?

    This could mean that you're not in Print Layout. Close the "Sign Doc" window and go to "View" > "Print Layout". Then, try clicking "Sign Doc" again. If the Signature Select still doesn't list "New" at the top, one of the signature fields in the document is currently highlighted. Close the "Sign Doc" window and place your cursor somewhere else in the document. When you see your blinking cursor, click the "Sign Doc" button and the Signature Select will default to "New."



  • How do I fix the error: "Command only available in Print Layout/View?"

    Certain commands in the Word plug-in require that the MS Word document be displayed in "Print Layout" view. To fix this, simply click the "View" menu and choose "Print Layout" to continue signing.



  • How do I fix the error: "The macro cannot be found or has been disabled because of your macro security settings?"

    For macro security in Office 2007 and above, see the Word Plug-In How-To section.



  • Where do I find the Pen and Checkmark icons in MS Word and Excel?

    For Office 2007 and above, you will find the "Pen" and "Checkmark" icons under the "Add-Ins" tab in the Word or Excel toolbar.



  • How do I pre-place a blank signature in an MS Word or Excel document, sized and positioned as needed?

    For information on how to pre-place a blank signature in Office 2007 and above, view the Word Plug-In How-To section.



  • When I open my signed spreadsheet, I see the signature flash and then disappear. How can I fix this problem?

    To fix this problem, view the Excel Quickload How-To.



Adobe Acrobat Plug-In Help


  • How do I sign with the GemSignPlus plug-in for Adobe Acrobat?

    Please refer to the End User Help Guides page.



  • I receive a message regarding the SHA1 algorithm in Adobe Acrobat when signing using the Topaz GemSignPlus plug-in. How do I resolve this?

    In keeping with Adobe's base requirements for Acrobat plug-ins, Topaz has included a certificate (SHA1-type) in the GemSignPlus plug-in for years. However, Topaz does not use this certificate to sign the document as may be the case with other systems. Instead, the Topaz GemSignPlus Adobe Acrobat Plug-In has always utilized the biometric signature data captured via a Topaz signature pad and other patented Topaz techniques in place of the SHA-1 certificate to sign the PDF.


    You can safely dismiss this stock message and check the box "Don't show again" when the window appears, as it does not apply to Topaz signatures for the reasons listed above. You can then proceed with the normal signing process. Contact Topaz Dev Support for additional information.



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