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For Topaz Signature Pads
Topaz® electronic signature pads and software are fully supported for Epic 2014 through 2018 & beyond.

The Topaz software for Epic EHR, SigToolESI™, provides full compatibility with your Topaz signature pads, Topaz-signed Epic documents, our patented biometric signatures and signature/document binding, a wide variety of remote platforms if needed, together with many of the rich features available in the Epic eSign API.

To download and set-up SigToolESI for Epic, see the steps below:
Step 1: SigToolESI and SigPlus

Download the SigToolESI & SigPlus MSI (two separate MSI installers) for all versions of Epic, including 2018 and Versionless. View the .txt files included in the .zip file for additional information, including unattended installation instructions.

Note: For local use, install SigToolESI™ onto your client computer; skip step 2 below. For use in Citrix XenApp with COM port forwarding or USB redirection, do not yet install SigToolESI and continue with step 2 below.
Step 2: Choose Your Environment (optional)

Select your environment to configure your local client computer/terminal and install SigToolESI onto your server. Follow these instructions explicitly.

Citrix XenApp & COM port forwarding is for use with signature pad models ending in BSB-R, BT2-R, or B-R.

Citrix XenApp & USB redirection is for use with signature pad models ending in BSB-R or HSX-R.

Epic users with Topaz signature pads receive dedicated support ambassadors to help with any questions during all stages of the set-up process. If you need assistance selecting an option, or if you do not see your environment or pad model listed, contact your Topaz Epic Support Ambassadors at epic_support@topazsystems.com.

Version Number

Version 5.92.0 (SigToolESI)
Last Update: December 6, 2019

Version (SigPlus)
Last Update: October 22, 2021


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