Hardware FAQ

Information about Topaz electronic signature pad technology

General Topaz Hardware FAQs


  • What are the key features of Topaz® signature pads?

    1. Rugged, portable units with ink or plastic cartridge and built-in pen tether and pen holder.
    2. The highest-performance electronic signature capture pads. 377 points per second conversion rate (half are reported).
    3. Powerful signature capture drivers and software on all standard authorized pads, where all updates and support are free.
    4. All Topaz verification and security tools supporting your application in the background.
    5. A range of sizes from LCD 1x5 to a full legal-sized clipboard pad, including LCD-based and cost-efficient touch pads.
    6. Software tools that work across the entire product line, allowing software learning to apply to many different application areas in your company.



  • What are the temperature and humidity operating ranges for Topaz signature pads?

    Operating temperature is 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F). Storage temperature is -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F). Humidity can be 10-90% RH, non-condensing.



  • What is the reliability of a Topaz signature pad - both calculated and in the field?

    Calculated non-LCD pad MTBF is greater than 500,000 hours (greater than 50 years).


    Calculated LCD pad MTBF is greater than 100,000 hours (greater than 10 years).


    Actual field use experiences are really what determine the reliability of the signature pad, and Topaz has a lot of experience in the field. This includes a single Topaz pad capturing well over 1 million signatures in the field. The Topaz pen has been qualified to over 30 million activations and high G-forces. Our experience is that of field reliability. Our patented technology and attention to detail makes all the difference.



  • What are "renewable warranty options" for my signature pad?

    If your signature pad needs repair and is out-of-warranty, Topaz will repair and renew your signature pad to provide a new 1-year warranty. Renewal price varies depending on signature pad model. Contact us for more information.



  • What different signature pad connection types does Topaz offer?

    See the Connection Types section on page 7 of our Topaz Universal User Manual for more information.



  • What is the significance of the "R" at the end of Topaz signature pad model numbers?

    The “R” indicates that all current Topaz model numbers are RoHS compliant.



Hardware Installation & Troubleshooting FAQs


  • I need help setting-up my Topaz signature pad.

    View our extensive list of troubleshooting guides on the End User Help page, or contact our Tech Support Team.



  • How do I install a Topaz LCD signature pad with serial interface on my computer?

    Topaz LCD tablets with serial interface require more power than can be provided by just the serial port of your PC.  Therefore these tablets are supplied with the cables needed to power the unit from the keyboard port while sending the signature data to the standard serial port.  To view the installation instructions for LCD tablets, click here. An AC wall transformer is available for those who would prefer it. Please contact the factory for more information.



  • How do I connect my Topaz serial signature pad to a network?

    To connect your Topaz serial tablet to a network, you must utilize the ethernet adapter and cable. View the Ethernet Adapter How-To for installation.



  • How do I change the ink tip in the pen?

    DO NOT OPEN THE PEN! The pen tip is removed from the tip of the pen and replaced all from the open end of the pen. Simply grasp the tip of the cartridge and pull it out from the end of the pen. If the pen is forced open, it will be virtually impossible to re-assemble without special factory tools.



  • How do I replace my pen batteries (in signature pad models T-C912, T-C916, T-S261, or T-S751)?

    To replace pen batteries, rotate the rear pen cap one quarter turn counter-clockwise and remove. Remove the old batteries and replace with type #393, available at most drug stores and supermarkets. Replace the pen cap and lock into place with one quarter turn clockwise.



  • How do I correctly install my serial-to-USB adapter to work with my Topaz signature pad?

    To install your serial-to-USB adapter, follow the steps in the Serial-USB Adapter Guide.



  • My signature calibration is off on my Topaz LCD pad. How do I recalibrate it?

    For recalibration instructions, view the LCD Field Calibration How-To.



  • How do I adjust the contrast on my Topaz LCD 4x5 signature pad (signature pad model T-LBK766)?

    View the LCD Contrast Adjustments for tips on how to adjust the contrast of your LCD 4x5 signature pad.



  • How can I check to see if my Topaz signature pad is functioning properly?

    Use Demo.OCX full tablet functionality testing. To view the Demo OCX How-To, click here.



  • I am updating to new Topaz signature pad model. Do I have to reinstall the SigPlus software?

    You can change your software to accept a different signature pad model by using SigPlus Adjust™. To view the SigPlus Adjust How-To, click here.



  • I am using my GemView Tablet Display with a Surface Pro 3, and the document is only displayed partially on the GemView; how do I fix this?

    This results from the display settings in Windows. Follow these steps to have the document display fully on the GemView:


    1. Swipe in from the right edge of the screen; tap "Settings" and then tap "Control Panel".  If you're using a mouse, point to the lower-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer up, click "Settings", and then click "Control Panel".
    2. Tap on “Display” to bring up the "Display Settings" window.
    3. In the window, select “Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays”, and then select “Smaller – 100%”.
    4. Click on the “Apply” button.



  • How do I sign in QuickBooks using my Topaz signature pad?

    Topaz recommends that reports be easily exported from QuickBooks to PDF format and signed using either our bundled Adobe Acrobat Plug-In (available for both PC and Mac) or our pDoc Signer standalone PDF application, free-of-charge.



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