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General eSignature FAQs


  • What is electronic signature capture, and why should I care?

    Electronic signature capture is a technology for signing electronic document files with a handwritten signature. The use of this technology allows for the complete elimination of the mailing, storage, filing, copying, and retrieval of paper documents. This will save your business time and money.


    In companies and organizations which process a large number of signed paper contracts and forms, digital signature capture will save millions of dollars per year in overhead costs. For example, the savings in an insurance company with 1,000 field agents can be on the order of $25 million dollars per year compared with the cost of using paper documents. The return on investment in your Topaz® tablets is in the thousands of percent return. Payback on the investment is measured in days.


    In addition to savings in overhead costs, digital signature technology speeds business processes and improves productivity. When used with the Internet or an intranet, all of the documents and contracts that an organization uses, including customer and vendor contracts, service contracts, and human resource documents, can be made available anywhere, anytime, electronically. Today's business world revolves around instant access to information. Electronic digital signature capture allows that same instant access to legal, robust signed documents, contracts, and receipts.



  • What is the importance of the simultaneous inking pen?

    The simultaneous inking pen allows regular ink to appear on paper at the exact same instant that the signature is captured electronically. There are two primary reasons to use ink:


    1. Your customer wants a paper receipt - so the customer gets the paper, and you don't have to file, staple, copy, and mail it.
    2. The signer does not use eSignatures frequently and will need to sign on a piece of paper just to keep from getting disoriented and to ensure that the signature taken is "true." If a signer is used to signing on paper (like all of us) and is asked to sign with a plastic tip on a piece of plastic, the captured signature may not represent the true signature.  The "electronic ink" of an LCD signature pad will also help inexperienced users.


    NOTE: Ink-tipped pens should not be used with LCD products under any circumstances.



General Topaz FAQs


  • What are the key features of Topaz® signature pads?

    1. Rugged, portable units with ink or plastic cartridge and built-in pen tether and pen holder.
    2. The highest-performance electronic signature capture pads. 377 points per second conversion rate (half are reported).
    3. Powerful signature capture drivers and software on all standard authorized pads, where all updates and support are free.
    4. All Topaz verification and security tools supporting your application in the background.
    5. A range of sizes from LCD 1x5 to a full legal-sized clipboard pad, including LCD-based and cost-efficient touch pads.
    6. Software tools that work across the entire product line, allowing software learning to apply to many different application areas in your company.



  • Why does Topaz have so many different signature pads; which should I use?

    Each Topaz signature pad was developed with a specific set of customer requirements in mind. When it comes to automating signatures, different applications have different needs in terms of size, cost, paper trail, LCD ink, etc. The availability of such a wide range of pad products from a single vendor, all utilizing a common set of software tools, is a powerful combination for the automation of a wide range of needs within your organization.


    There are two basic categories of Topaz signature pads: SigLite® and SignatureGem®.


    Topaz SignatureGem pads are best used in applications where signature volume is high and/or the pad is used in a public area and as a result, there is the potential for abuse. They are rugged, durable, and portable but also reliable and long-lasting with high-performance electromagnetic pen and sensor technology.


    Topaz SigLite Pads offer less expensive technology than the SignatureGem pads. They are low-cost and portable but also reliable and long-lasting with a patented passive stylus.


    For a complete list of Topaz signature pads, visit our Products Page. For help selecting your signature pad model, contact our Sales Team.



  • Why is Topaz "the standard for signature capture?"

    Topaz electronic signature pads have been deployed in the millions since 1995.  Because Topaz has been in the business for many years, millions of people have successfully used our products and software as they have been deployed with thousands of independent software applications. With the wide use of Topaz pads and software, you and your application benefit from the network effects of the Topaz eSign Ecosystem®, including familiarity of use, the ability of a single Topaz pad to support multiple applications, and so on.



  • What is the importance of using SigPlus® software for signature capture?

    SigPlus software is available in a variety of forms for major development environments and application types, allowing for great versatility. The same building block control works just as well on a desktop, notebook, or over the Internet and can be downloaded from the electronic signature software section of this site.



  • With which operating systems do Topaz signature pads and software work?

    For PCs, Topaz signature pads and software operate on Windows 7 and up.


    For Macs, applications can be created in Java for use with Topaz signature pads on OSX Version 10.6 and up. For Apple iPad and iPhone signing, the Topaz pDoc Signer and iEmcee apps are available for download. See the Mac and Apple Software page for more information.



  • What are the temperature and humidity operating ranges for Topaz signature pads?

    Operating temperature is 0°C to 40°C (32°F to 104°F). Storage temperature is -20°C to +60°C (-4°F to +140°F). Humidity can be 10-90% RH, non-condensing.



  • What is the reliability of a Topaz signature pad - both calculated and in the field?

    Calculated non-LCD pad MTBF is greater than 500,000 hours (greater than 50 years).


    Calculated LCD pad MTBF is greater than 100,000 hours (greater than 10 years).


    Actual field use experiences are really what determine the reliability of the signature pad, and Topaz has a lot of experience in the field. This includes a single Topaz pad capturing well over 1 million signatures in the field. The Topaz pen has been qualified to over 30 million activations and high G-forces. Our experience is that of field reliability. Our patented technology and attention to detail makes all the difference.



  • How can I get application and technical support?

    For application and technical support, please contact us.



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