SigPlusWeb NPAPI Plug-In




In case you are not already aware, and according to published information, Firefox and Chrome browsers will begin phasing out support for NPAPI plug-ins (Such as SigPlusWeb) starting January 2015.  This change affects hundreds of commonly used browser plug-ins that have been based on the NPAPI standard.  In anticipation of this, Topaz® now provides the SigWeb™ Browser API, which is not based on NPAPI and is unaffected by the changes in the new browser versions.



If you are not running your browser application in Firefox or Chrome, its operation should not be affected.



If you need your application to run in multiple browsers, we strongly recommend that you migrate your design to SigWeb.  SigWeb includes all of the powerful, patented, and versatile software capabilities and features that you have come to expect from Topaz over the years.



For more information, view the SigWeb Browser API webpage. Please feel free to contact Topaz Dev Support with any questions or for additional support.

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