PRESS RELEASE: Topaz Introduces SigCompare Software for Visual Verification of eSignatures


Media Contact:

Caitlin Zank

Director of Marketing

Simi Valley, CA - December 6, 2004 - Topaz Systems, Inc. announces the release of SigCompare™, a software tool which allows a person to visually compare and verify an electronic signature captured using any of the full line of Topaz® electronic signature pads.

SigCompare can be downloaded here.

Especially useful with teller applications in banks, credit union, and pharmacies, SigCompare software allows a teller or cashier to conduct instantaneous spot-checks of a customer’s signature to quickly identify attempts at forgery. The SigCompare download contains the application, ActiveX control, source code, and developers’ documentation for the visual verification of electronic signatures without requiring the creation or storage of signature templates.

SigCompare enables users to make a quick visual side-by-side comparison between a spot signature and a known valid reference sample, and contains elements of Topaz’s SigAnalyze® software for forensic signature experts. Because of the intuitive design of SigCompare, it is for use by laypersons and requires minimal training, resulting in a powerful tool to fight signature fraud and speed the process of checking signature cards. The Dynamic Shading™ feature reveals the signature’s dynamic characteristics through Topaz’s patented technique of varying pen width based on real-time incremental signature velocity, requiring no enrollment and only a single reference signature for comparison purposes.

"SigCompare software is perfect for users desiring a quick and reliable way to validate an electronic signature without creating multi-signature reference templates. It can be used in place of, or as a supplement to automated verification systems that inherently exhibit some false-negative responses," says Topaz President Anthony Zank. "The included ActiveX control, source code, and documentation make it easy for developers to include SigCompare functionality into any business application."


Topaz Systems is a leading developer and manufacturer of electronic signature software and hardware, and has been based in Simi Valley, California since 1995. Topaz provides all the hardware, software, intellectual property and expertise to enable paperless document creation, signing, and authentication of electronic forms with digital handwritten signatures. Topaz has developed an  extensive eSign patent portfolio, and is the recipient of multiple industry awards including being a multiple consecutive winner of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 and Fast 500, along with Inc 500 and 5000 awards for outstanding growth.

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