PRESS RELEASE: Topaz Announces Release of IDGem Electronic Signature and Fingerprint Devices


Media Contact:

Caitlin Zank

Director of Marketing

Simi Valley, CA - January 7, 2004 - Topaz Systems, Inc. announces the release of IDGem-series biometric identity verification and signature capture terminals with bundled SigID™ electronic fingerprint scoring software. IDGem® is available as a standalone electronic fingerprint capture sensor, integrated large or small interactive LCD display electronic signature capture tablet and fingerprint sensor, and integrated simultaneous ink-on-paper-enabled tablet and sensor. IDGem systems feature the same forensic-quality electronic signature capture technology as Topaz® SignatureGem® tablets but incorporate the added benefit of a high-resolution RF-inductive electronic fingerprint sensor, enabling robust and accurate biometric authentication for use in any high-security environment or where identity verification is a top priority.

IDGem's integrated biometric system allows for two layers of electronic authentication. The first is the electronic signature capture terminal, which captures a user's handwritten signature's strokes, speed, and timing within 99.5% accuracy as a biometric vector file. The integrated electronic fingerprint sensor captures the fingertip's subcutaneous living skin layer for an exceptionally accurate and reliable fingerprint image. Like the signature data, this fingerprint image can be compared with a previously existing fingerprint template using SigID software, or used to create a new template. Together, these two technologies ensure accurate, reliable, and instantaneous biometric identity verification.

"IDGem provides an integrated approach to layered biometric identification, as well as all necessary software," says Topaz President Anthony Zank. "The IDGem system can be used to capture biometrics for applications where continuing authentication is needed as well as applications requiring one-time transactions."


Topaz Systems is a leading developer and manufacturer of electronic signature software and hardware, and has been based in Simi Valley, California since 1995. Topaz provides all the hardware, software, intellectual property and expertise to enable paperless document creation, signing, and authentication of electronic forms with digital handwritten signatures. Topaz has developed an  extensive eSign patent portfolio, and is the recipient of multiple industry awards including being a multiple consecutive winner of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 and Fast 500, along with Inc 500 and 5000 awards for outstanding growth.

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