PRESS RELEASE: Topaz Systems Forensic-Quality Signatures Comply with eCommerce Laws


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Caitlin Zank

Director of Marketing

Simi Valley, CA - February 28, 2004 - Topaz Systems provides legally-enforceable handwritten electronic signature solutions with SignatureGem® series digitizing capture tablets and bundled SigPlus® software. This complete hardware and software system includes everything a business needs to take advantage of the benefits of paperless transactions plus the software tools and intellectual property to authenticate the signatures in a court of law.

Signatures captured with the Topaz® system are legally binding because they meet or exceed the following universally recognized ESIGN, UETA, and individual states' electronic signature guidelines: a Topaz signature is unique to the person using it just as an ink-on-paper signature, it is capable of verification and authentication by forensic experts (with Topaz patented SigAnalyze® software), it is under the sole control of the person using it (therefore it cannot be misplaced or stolen), and it is linked to document data in such a way that is the document is changed, the signature is invalidated.

The Topaz eSignature system is unique in that it provides the tools, intellectual property, patents, software, and training to take an eCommerce document from the electronic pen and pad all the way to signature authentication in the courtroom. Unlike other electronic signature systems that display only an image of a signature (the equivalent of a fax or photocopy) and promise legal compliance but offer no forensic examination tools or authenticable data, the Topaz method binds the original biometric and forensic pen data directly into the signed electronic document. This unaltered pen data can later be verified by a forensic document examiner using Topaz's patented SigAnalyze software to determine whether or not the signature is authentic, giving users the security of knowing that forgeries and frauds can be detected. To prevent tampering, the signatures are encrypted to the document in such a way that if a document's contents are changed the signature is rendered invalid. All Topaz software, updates, and support are bundled free of charge with tablet hardware.

"The business world is now taking advantage of electronic signature technology that provides a standard of affordable, reliable, and legally authenticable electronically signed documents," says Anthony Zank, President and CEO of Topaz Systems. "Topaz SignatureGem tablets and SigPlus software have provided an eTransactions solution that stretches from the initial signing of a document to expert forensic testimony in a court of law."


Topaz Systems is a leading developer and manufacturer of electronic signature software and hardware, and has been based in Simi Valley, California since 1995. Topaz provides all the hardware, software, intellectual property and expertise to enable paperless document creation, signing, and authentication of electronic forms with digital handwritten signatures. Topaz has developed an  extensive eSign patent portfolio, and is the recipient of multiple industry awards including being a multiple consecutive winner of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 and Fast 500, along with Inc 500 and 5000 awards for outstanding growth.

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