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Inquire about the SigPlus Pro Tablet download for GemView Tablet Displays

To request SigPlus Pro ActiveX software tools for GemView® Tablet Displays for the purpose of free corporate evaluation, testing, and development, please enter your information below. Topaz® will evaluate your request (turn-around ~3 days) and provide the software by return email. Use of GemView Tablet Displays with SigPlus® Pro Tablet is bundled with the purchase of a Topaz GemView.


NOTE: If you plan to rollout using SigPlus Pro Tablet, or request authorization for additional software bundles with your GemView Tablet Display, you must contact Topaz.

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    SigPlus® Tools are either bundled as driver tools with the tablet, or are licensed separately (not individually bundled with tablets) for applications developed and rolled out by third-party software providers, resellers, systems integrators, and end-users. For use with Topaz tablets, these parties may download SigPlus and it's associated tools and applications from the Topaz website and all updates and support are free of charge. SigPlus software includes licenses to US patents 5,120,908, 5,122,623, and 6,307,955.



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