SigPlusLCD ActiveX

Download and install SigPlus before SigPlusLCD.

SigPlusLCD ActiveX Client Demo is a client application, implementing the SigPlusLCD.ocx. SigPlusLCD.ocx provides a means to quickly and simply add interactive LCD functionality to a custom application using Topaz® SigLite® Color 4.3 (model T-LBK43LC) or SigGem® Color 5.7 (model T-LBK57GC) models.



  • An interactive signature line, with OK and CLEAR buttons
  • An alphabetic keypad
  • A numeric keypad
  • Signature imaging (JPEG, TIF, BMP)
  • Multi-screen text writing

Download Links

Version Number


Version 1.2

Last Update: November 28, 2017


OS Compatibility


Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 10

Windows 2008 Server

Windows 2012 Server

Windows 2016 Server




- SigGem® Color 5.7 or SigLite® Color 4.3

- SigPlus® software


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