SignatureGem® 1x5 is a small electronic signature capture pad with a large signing area. Designed for accuracy, reliability, and portability, the SignatureGem 1x5 features a pen with interchangeable inking and plastic tips, small size and weight, and is powered only by your computer's data port. Unlike pressure-sensitive touchpad systems, the digitizing pen allows the sensor to be mounted inside a hard plastic casing for ruggedness and long life. With the rugged signing surface, these models show the signature on the computer screen.

Electronic Signature Pad - SignatureGem 1x5

T-S261 Model Series
SignatureGem 1x5


Model Number








Secure Kiosk Model



All Topaz® products come bundled with our powerful software tools and support for the capture, binding, and authentication of electronic signatures. All software and updates are licensed for use with Topaz tablets at no extra charge.


Pens & Pen Tips


Select replacement pens and pen tips for your Topaz Systems signature pad.

Carrying Case


Help protect your 1x5 signature pad with Topaz's Neoprene-cushioned carrying case.

Serial Cable Kit


For -B-R pads needing a replacement y-cable.

Ethernet Adapter


Designed for your 9-PIN Topaz serial pad, this accessory allows for plug-in to a local network through a standard ethernet connection.

Power Adapter


Provides an alternate source of power for serial signature pads users (models ending in B-R).

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