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Version 1.10, R1050

Last Update: October 19, 2018


OS Compatibility


Windows 7

Windows 8.1

Windows 10


pDoc Signer Duo

Be sure to download and install the GemView Drivers
from the Topaz software website.

pDoc Signer® Duo allows for document signing on Topaz GemView Tablet Displays. Forms or documents are created on the connected PC and pushed (manually or automatically) to the GemView® for completion and signing. Once the user finishes the document, it is returned to the PC for storage.



When the GemView is not communicating with pDoc Signer Duo for document completion, it can play videos, run ads, and much more.



The GemView is USB-connected to the operator's PC and serves as an additional monitor that can display information separate from what is displayed on the operator's screen; as the PC controls the GemView directly, information is available quickly without having to use a slower network protocol. pDoc Signer Duo automatically pushes PDFs to the GemView in the background, so the operator's PC is still available for other tasks.

For annotating documents on GemView Tablet Displays,
pDoc Annotator Duo.

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