Human Resources Case Study

Topaz's HR Success Story: Saving Time and Money Without Paper Documents



To reduce the need for physical paper forms while saving time and money


Human resource management faces a growing and incessant problem: paper documents. The sheer number of signed paper documents, from employment applications to drug testing consent forms, staffing reviews to timesheets, insurance forms to pension plans, has left employee files overflowing. This leaves HR personnel with little choice but to shift their focus from managing people to managing paper.





Topaz electronic signature capture provides paperless solutions that save time and money by automating the presentation and signing of all employee documents. In addition, Topaz-captured signatures provide compatibility with the existing legal system and court framework, having passed the Daubert standard in United States Federal Court.


Image the savings that come from automating the new hire process alone: all hiring documents (application, authorization for background checks, drug testing consent, benefit elections, W-4, and W-9 forms) can now be electronically created, signed, filed, and stored in seconds. Retrieving an employee’s complete file is equally instantaneous and simple.


That is just the start of the efficiencies of Topaz electronic signature capture. Consider the cost savings of electronic timesheet management, staffing, benefits administration, healthcare reporting, and the review and appraisal process. Dozens of standard HR documents can now be signed and verified in minutes (a common list of HR documents is listed below).



HR Documents Requiring a Single Signature:


Employment Application

W-4 Form

Proof of Citizenship

Background Check Permission

Life Insurance Beneficiary Designation

Health Care Provider

Dental Plan Selection

Retirement or 401(k) Investment Form

Stock Option Agreement



HR Documents Requiring Multiple Signatures:


Corporate Credit Card Application

Independent Contractor Agreement

Performance Review

Time Sheet

Request for Travel Voucher

Request for Leave



Freed of its paper problem, human resource professionals will have more time to spend on the people and needs of their organizations.


With Topaz eSignatures, HR personnel can facilitate and streamline signature capture for all employees. Handwritten biometric and eSignatures can now be captured, verified, and bound to various HR documents in real-time. HR departments can cut the multiple signature approval from days to minutes with the high-speed automation of over two million Topaz electronic signature pads deployed overall since 1995.





Improved Productivity and Streamlined Workflow


Processing time is significantly reduced with Topaz eSignatures, thus streamlining HR work flow and boosting productivity.



Cost Reduction


With Topaz eSignatures, save on paper and pre-printed forms, consumables (toner, drums, paper, etc.), maintenance, and record destruction costs.





Without the need for filing, Topaz eSignatures save you room in your human resources office spaces, especially in file cabinet space.



Disaster Recovery


Original eSignatures are backed up and mirrored at disaster centers. Original paper records cannot be saved from common disasters, such as flood and fire.



Original Document Recall


eDocuments and eSignatures are easy to recall, saving time. Original paper records can be difficult to find depending on who filed them and how they were filed.

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