Government Case Study

Topaz's Government Success Story: Reducing Costs and Improving Governmental Productivity



Remove unnecessary costs and inefficiencies while increasing convenience and speed in order to improve customer service and governmental productivity


When we think of paper documents, it’s easy to think of government. No sector generates more paper per hour than our various governmental agencies. From directives and pending legislation to benefits documentation and income tax forms, marriage and driver’s licenses to birth and death certificates, it seems at times that government actually runs on paper, and much of it needs to be signed. Just the amount of paper used to authorize mundane daily government operations is staggering, not to mention the man hours spent moving the approval process along or waiting for signed authorization to continue working.





Topaz eSignature capture helps government at all levels greatly reduce the cost of using and moving paper. To help facilitate this, and many other benefits, government legislation such as the GPEA (Government Paperwork Elimination Act) and Federal ESIGN Act has been passed and implemented. For information on these Acts, view the "Information" section.


As eSignatures are a secure, regulation-compliant, and legally-enforceable option to paper signatures, government agencies can benefit not only from cost reduction and increased productivity, but also from the value and versatility that comes with Topaz signature solutions.


All levels of government, from defense and civilian to state and local, have benefited from eSignatures, including the United States Army, Air Force, Department of Treasury, NASA, and much more. The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) acknowledges and lists the multitude of benefits that comes from implementing eSignatures into these government agencies, including increased transaction speed, better partner participation and customer satisfaction, improved record keeping and analysis, greater security, productivity, and much more. For a complete list of benefits and examples for eSignatures in government agencies, view the "Information" section.


With Topaz eSignatures, personnel can facilitate and streamline signature capture for all government processes. Handwritten biometric and eSignatures can now be captured and bound in real-time. Furthermore, Topaz eSignatures give customers the peace of mind that comes from knowing their eTransactions are secure and legally-enforceable in a court of law. Not only do eSignatures provide a sense of security, they save money, time, and energy. Government processing times are cut from days to minutes with the high-speed automation of over two million Topaz electronic signature pads deployed overall since 1995.





Cost Reduction


With Topaz eSignatures, save on paper and pre-printed forms, consumables (toner, drums, paper, etc.), maintenance, and record destruction costs.



Improved Productivity and Streamlined Work Flow


Processing time is significantly reduced with Topaz eSignatures, thus streamlining government work flow and boosting productivity. With this increased transaction speed comes improved customer satisfaction.



Improved Security


eTransactions result in fewer fraud opportunities and more robust signatures than paper transactions.





Without the need for filing, Topaz eSignatures save you room in your government office spaces, especially in file cabinet space.



Disaster Recovery


Original eSignatures are backed up and mirrored at disaster centers. Original paper records cannot be saved from common disasters, such as flood and fire.



Original Document Recall


eDocuments and eSignatures are easy to recall, saving time. Original paper records can be difficult to find depending on who filed them and how they were filed.

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