Adobe Acrobat Plug-In

For use on a PC, download and install SigPlus before installing the plug-in. This step is not required for Mac use.

The Topaz® Adobe Acrobat plug-in for PC and Mac allows you to add, pre-place, sign, view, and validate signatures in PDFs using Adobe Acrobat.

The Topaz Adobe Acrobat plug-in comes bundled with the following options:


  • Cryptographically bound to document for security
  • Time and date stamping added to signature properties
  • Used with standard Adobe signature fields

For information regarding the SHA1 algorithm and the Topaz Adobe Acrobat plug-in, view the Plug-In FAQ Page.

Download Links

Version Number


For PC: Version 4.0

Last Update: April 20, 2015


For Mac: Version 1.0, R12294

Last Update: September 4, 2018


PC Video Tutorials

PC Requirements


- Windows 7, 8.1, or 10

- Acrobat Reader or Pro 9, X, XI, or DC

- Topaz Signature Pad

- Topaz Adobe Acrobat Plug-In for PC


Mac Video Tutorials

Mac Requirements


- Mac OSX 10.9 or later

- Acrobat Reader or Pro XI, DC, or 2017

- Topaz HSB® Signature Pad

- Topaz Adobe Acrobat Plug-In for Mac


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