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Citrix and Terminal Server Support

Citrix and Terminal Server are very popular modern computing environments that allow for centralized processing through the use of client-connected computers/terminals. Such virtualization and remote access allow for the delivery of applications and files over a network, where the processing takes place on the server rather than the client. Topaz offers several options for adding signature capture to a Citrix or Terminal Server-based environment.

For a list of thin client-compatible signature pads, click here.

Select an option below:

  1. Pad Models Ending in -BSB-R
    Topaz offer a few signature models with an internal serial-to-USB converter. The results are very similar to what you can obtain given the #3 option below, except the converter is built directly into the signature pad casing.

  2. Pad Models Ending in -B-R
    Guides to aid you in setting up a 9-pin serial pad for use in a thin client environment.

  3. Pad Models Ending in -B-R with an External Serial-to-USB Converter
    Topaz serial pads can also be used in conjunction with a Citrix- or Terminal Server-rated serial-to-USB converter. This would allow the Topaz serial pad to ultimately plug into a USB port on the client machine, and a "virtual COM port" created there to be mapped over to the server's COM port.

  4. Pad Models Ending in -HSB-R
    SigSock is an interface that allows Topaz "HSB" (HID USB) signature pads to be used in a Citrix or Terminal Server environment.

  5. Pad Models Using the A-ETH1-1 Serial-to-Ethernet Converter
    Topaz offers a serial-to-ethernet converter that maps a virtual COM port to an IP address. This allows a Topaz serial signature pad to be plugged into the network, thereby providing any application running under Citrix or Terminal Server to gain access to the network-connected pad.

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