Remote Usage with Serial Pads

Option 1: Remote Usage: COM Port Redirection for Topaz Serial Pads


Topaz® serial pads can be plugged into a terminal or fat-client machine, and the COM port on the client mapped via back to a COM port on the server.


Ultimately, through this mapping, a serial pad physically connected to the client is virtually plugged directly into the server's COM port. A big advantage to this approach is that there are no signature pad drivers required on the client machine, therefore allowing it to be installation-free and maintenance-free.




Option 2: Remote Usage: Topaz Serial Pads with an External Serial-to-USB Converter


Topaz serial pads can also be used in conjunction with a Citrix- or Terminal Server-rated serial to USB converter. This would allow the Topaz serial pad to ultimately plug into a USB port on the client machine, and a "virtual COM port" created there to be mapped over to the server's COM port. For example, the Edgeport from Digi is a candidate.  These are not the extent of the possibilities, as other Citrix/Terminal Server compliant serial to USB converters are available on the market as well.


Once in place, option 1 above (COM port redirection) would apply.




Option 3: Remote Usage: Topaz Serial-to-Ethernet Adapter (A-ETH1-1)


Topaz offers the A-ETH1-1 Serial-to-Ethernet Adapter that maps a virtual COM port to an IP address. This allows a Topaz serial signature pad to be plugged into the network, thereby providing any application running under Citrix or Terminal Server to gain access to the network-connected pad.


This device can be plugged into the network at any point, for example, right next to the client machine. Once the adapter is plugged into the network and the proper drivers installed to the server (see "Software" below), a virtual COM port is created right on on the server, which can then simply be chosen as the COM port assignment during the SigPlus® install on the server.


This option simply bypasses the client machine altogether, as the IP-mapped virtual COM port simply exists on the server directly. Please note, the signature pad and the server must be on the same local network.





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