SigWeb Browser SDK


SigWeb™ offers electronic signature integration into Firefox, Chrome, Edge (10166 build or newer), Internet Explorer 11+, and Opera for the full line of Topaz® signature pads.





If you are an end user and wish to install SigWeb on your computer, see the information links below, or view the SigWeb Installation Help Guide for step-by-step installation instructions.





The SigWeb™ Browser SDK is provided to you for the purpose of rapid integration of signature capture functionality supporting Topaz signature pads into any web application. SigWeb supports web applications using the Firefox, Chrome, Edge (10166 build or newer), Internet Explorer 11+, and Opera web browsers under Windows.



  • Simple one-step installation, detailed documentation and source examples.
  • Fully eSign Compliant software tools, supporting Topaz signatures which have been proven in Federal Court.
  • Topaz patented methods and properties provide for easy eSign Compliance, unlike competing approaches.
  • Over 100 proven Topaz methods and properties provided, compared to only a handful for competitor approaches.
  • Bi-directional communication with signature pad, facilitating true eSign-compliance.
  • Capture the benefits of the Topaz eSign Ecosystem® by using a single Topaz pad for multiple remote, desktop, and browser-based applications.
  • Fast, smooth, full-speed operation using standard data paths.  No speed or use restrictions.
  • Built on REST (Representational State Transfer), directly supported by web standards, for long-term deployment and use.
  • Built to last longer than simplistic, short-term gimmick approaches.
  • Supports HTTP and HTTPS equally well from a single installation.


The SigWeb Browser SDK requires the SigWebTablet.js file to function. You will need to add a <script> tag to your page to reference SigWebTablet.js. For set-up and specific information on the SigWebTablet.js file, see the SigWeb Developer Guide.


For more information, view the SigWeb Developer Guide or the Topaz Web examples, demos, and source code.



To request a 100% silent installer version, fill out the SigWeb Silent Installer Form.

The SigWeb download link is available below. Please follow the steps in the guide for properly installation.






Edge (10166 build or newer)

Internet Explorer 11+





Version 1.3 (Last Update: March 10, 2017)




Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 10