SigPlusExtLite SDK & Extension


SigPlusExtLite™ offers a means to capture handwritten signatures for web applications running in the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera browsers. SigPlusExtLite supports usage in remote environments, such as Citrix and Terminal Server.





If you are a developer, first click the download link on the right and follow the installation instructions. Then, view the SigPlusExtLite Software Integration Guide for instructions on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera integration. For more information, view the Topaz Web examples, demos, and source code. Note: The SDK can also be used to export a base64-encoded PNG image of the captured signature.





If you are an end user, click the download link below and follow the installation instructions for using SigPlusExtLite in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera.



To request a 100% silent installer version, fill out the SigPlusExtLite Silent Installer Form.

Click the link below to download the SigPlusExtLite.exe and installation guide. Follow the steps in this guide explicitly for proper installation:



SigPlusExtLite Client Installer:

Version 1.0 R1013 (Last Update: January 3, 2018)



Google Chrome Extension:

Version (Last Update: January 3, 2018)


Mozilla Firefox Extension:

Version (Last Update: January 3, 2018)


Microsoft Edge Extension:

Version (Last Update: January 3, 2018)


Opera Extension:

Version (Last Update: January 3, 2018)




Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 10