SigIDExtLite SDK


The Topaz® SigIDExtLite™ SDK offers a mechanism and platform for developers and integrators to capture fingerprints securely for web applications running in the Chrome and Firefox browsers.


The SDK provides capabilities for enrollment and validation of fingerprints using fingerprint sensor-enabled pads from Topaz Systems. The images of the captured fingerprints are exported in PNG format. The images can be used in any application requiring Fingerprint images.


SigIDExtLite supports usage in remote environments, such as Citrix and Terminal Server.


This SDK can also be used to export a base64-encoded PNG image of the captured signature.


If you are a developer, view the SigIDExtLite Software Integration Guide for instructions on Chrome and Firefox integration.


If you are an end user, view the SigIDExtLite User Installation Guide for instructions on using SigIDExtLite in Chrome and Firefox.


After following the steps in the guides listed above, test signature capture capabilities with the SigIDExtLite Demo. For more information, view the Topaz Web examples, demos, and source code.


Version Number


SigIDExtLite Client Installer:


Last Update: March 20, 2017


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Firefox Extension:

See Guides Above For More Information


OS Compatibility


Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 10