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pDoc Signer


Sign, fill-out, and edit forms and PDFs with a biometric signature, without the need for Adobe Acrobat or Reader. Bundled electronic signature application for signing on Topaz® signature pads, GemView® Tablet Displays, Apple iPads, Windows Tablets, and Android Tablets.

Adobe Acrobat Plug-Ins


Sign with a biometric signature in Adobe Acrobat or Reader (on PCs or Macs).

Electronic Signature Software - SigPlus Pro Tablet PC

pDoc Signer Duo


One-on-one end user document signing with Topaz® GemView® Tablet Displays.

Electronic Signature Software - SigPlus Pro Tablet PC

pDoc Annotator Duo


One-on-one end user document annotating with Topaz GemView Tablet Displays.

Electronic Signature Software - SigTool Imager Plus

pDoc FormData Tool


Windows desktop application for retrieving information about form fields from a PDF document.

Web Add-Ons & Extensions

Electronic Signature Software Downloads - SigPlusWeb NPAPI

SigPlusExtLite Browser Extension


Capture handwritten signatures for web applications running in the Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Opera browsers (supports remote usage).

gDoc Signer™


Add-ons that allow users to naturally sign using your Topaz signature pad and electronic signature pen in Google Docs and Google Sheets (supported in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge browsers).

Adobe Document Cloud eSign Services Extension


Enables users to sign Adobe Document Cloud PDFs with Topaz signature pads (supported in Chrome and Firefox browsers).

Microsoft Plug-Ins

Microsoft Plug-Ins


Sign with a biometric signature in MS Word or Excel (on PCs).


Front-Desk & OPOS Software

Electronic Signature Software Downloads - SignMeIn



HIPAA-compatible software solution to front-desk sign-in. Clients or patients sign the Topaz signature pad at the front desk and all of their information is saved to a computer.

Signature Image Creation

SigTool Imager Plus


An easy and comprehensive way to make images from electronic signatures.

Adjustment Tools

Ink Thickness Adjust


A utility that easily allows for changing the ink thickness on your T-LBK43LC or T-LBK57GC pad between 2 pixels and 14 pixels thick.

Electronic Signature Software - SigPlus Adjust

SigPlus Adjust


A utility for easy changing of Topaz pad models, ports, etc. in the Topaz SigPlus.ini management file.