pDoc Annotator Duo


The pDoc® Annotator Duo Software System allows for document annotating on Topaz® GemView Tablet Displays.


Documents are created on the connected PC and pushed to the GemView® for annotating. This document can be a form, contract, or a document for a user to annotate. Once the user has finished and taps Done, the document is then returned to the PC for storage and available to the operator. The pDoc Annotator Duo software then stamps the document by certifying it with a digital signature and stores the document.


When the GemView is not communicating with pDoc Annotator Duo for document completion, it can play videos, run ads, and much more.


The pDoc Annotator Duo Software System comprises:


  • A Windows PC running Windows 7 and up with an attached Topaz GemView Tablet Display
  • The pDoc Annotator Software Application


Be sure to download and install the GemView Drivers from the Topaz software website.


Version Number


Version 1.4

Last Update: September 13, 2018


OS Compatibility


Windows 7

Windows 8.1

Windows 10