A-CUR6-2 USB Cable


The A-CUR6-2 USB cable is included with your purchase of the signature pads listed below.



You can also purchase a replacement A-CUR6-2 USB Cable.

Compatible Topaz® Pads:


IDLite 1x5
TF-S463 Model Series


IDLite LCD 1x5
TF-LBK463 Model Series


IDGem LCD 1x5
TF-LBK464 Model Series


SigLite LCD 1x5 MSR
TM-LBK460 Model Series



SigLite LCD 4x3 MSR
TM-LBK750 Model Series


SignatureGem LCD 4x3 MSR
TM-LBK755 Model Series


SignatureGem LCD 4x5 MSR
TM-LBK766 Model Series


SigGem Color 5.7 MSR
TM-LBK57GC Model Series

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