BSB Cable for -BHSB-R Pads


The Topaz® BSB® cable accessory (model number A-BSB1-1) allows for virtual serial via USB connectivity with select Topaz pad models.



Intended for -BHSB-R (Dual Serial/USB) models. For the BSB cable accessory intended -B-R (Serial) models, see the A-BSB1-2 cable.



Click the "SigPlus BSB Installer" link on the right to install SigPlus software for use with the A-BSB1-1 Cable.




Compatible Topaz Pads:


T-LBK750 Model Series:

T-LBK750SE-BHSB-R model

T-LBK750-BHSB-R model


T-LBK755 Model Series:

T-LBK755SE-BHSB-R model

T-LBK755-BHSB-R model


T-LBK766 Model Series:

T-LBK766SE-BHSB-R model

T-LBK766-BHSB-R model


T-LBK57GC Model Series:

T-LBK57GC-BHSB-R model

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