SignMeIn is a HIPAA-compatible software solution to front-desk sign-in.  Clients or patients sign the Topaz® tablet at the front desk and all of their information is saved to a computer, keeping personal information safe and private.



The SignMeIn download also comes with SignMeInReport, a software tool solution that gives front desk administrators easy to use tools for viewing and organizing admission records captured with the SignMeIn ActiveX control.



SignMeIn requires a SignatureGem® LCD 1X5 or SigLite® LCD 1X5 signature pad, Microsoft Access, and SigPlus®.



To read more about using SignMeIn, see the "Information" section on the right.



To see SignMeIn in action, play our tutorial video below, or view the SignMeIn Interactive Tutorial Session.

Install the Topaz SigPlus Driver for your signature pad model before installing SignMeIn.


Version 1.2


Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 10

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