SigSock for Remote Usage with HSB Signature Pads


SigSock™ is an interface that allows Topaz® HSB® (HID USB) signature pads (pad models ending in HSB-R) to be used in a Citrix or Terminal Server environment.


Essentially, a small client utility is placed on the client computer and run, which collects data from the signature pad as the author signs. From there, the data is sent over to the server (using TCP Ports 47289, 47290, and 47800) where SigPlus® collects it.





  1. The client machines must be full Windows-based fat clients (for example, running Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8). Alternately, thin client terminals running XPe, Windows Embedded 7 or 8 are also options. However, thin client terminals running any other operating system (for example, Wyse terminals running Linux-based thin operating systems or WinCE) will not work with SigSock.

  2. You must copy a small EXE on the client machine and run it, passing command line parameters to set up the system properly.



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