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Biometric ID Electronic Signature Pad Options

Topaz Systems offers three basic biometric finger/thumb ID signature pads. The IDGem LCD 1x5 version offers electromagnetic signature capture. The IDLite LCD 1x5 and IDLite 1x5 offer a touch-sensitive signature capture sensor and stylus. The optical fingerprint sensor features accurate, reliable scanning and high-quality, high-resolution fingerprint imaging. Biometric ID pads are bundled with the appropriate fingerprint software in addition to SigPlus. Topaz ID pads feature a patented design that allows ergonomic, natural finger and thumb scanning from the front of the pad without awkward movement.

Biometric ID Pads Included eSignature Software
IDGem LCD 1x5 IDLite LCD 1x5

All pads are bundled with SigPlus electronic signature software tools, applications, plug-ins, demos, examples, and support.

Topaz ID pads are bundled with SigIDp1 electronic fingerprint software tools for high-quality, high-resolution fingerprint images and the capture and verification of digital fingerprints.

IDLite 1x5    

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