pDoc Signer Duo


The pDoc Signer® Duo Software System allows for document signing on Topaz® GemView® Tablet Displays. Documents are created on the connected PC and pushed to the GemView for signing. In addition, pDoc Signer Duo can be configured so that it monitors a folder, and when a PDF document is deposited to that folder, pDoc Signer Duo displays it on the GemView Tablet Display. This document can be a form, contract, or a document for a user to complete and sign. Once the user completes the document by selecting check boxes, radio buttons, or list items, and signing,  the document is then returned to the PC for storage.



When the GemView is not communicating with pDoc Signer Duo for document completion, it can play videos, run ads, and much more.



The pDoc Signer Duo Software System comprises:

  • A Windows PC running Windows 7 and up with an attached Topaz GemView Tablet Display
  • The pDoc Signer Duo Application (download on the right)



For annotating documents, as opposed to signing and filling out digital form fields, on GemView Tablet Displays, see the Topaz software system pDoc Annotator Duo.





pDoc Signer Duo version 1.3 provides the capability to automatically add signature fields to a PDF document before it is pushed (either manually or automatically) to the GemView Tablet Display. This feature is especially useful in applications where a program (like a PDF Print Driver) creates a PDF file but does not put signature fields in it.





If pDoc Signer Duo presents an error message to the system operator, update the certificate using one of the following methods:

  1. Automatically update by downloading and running this certificate update program
  2. Manually update by following these simple instructions


Be sure to download and install the Topaz GemView Tablet Display Drivers, as described in the "Installation" section of your User Manual.


Visit the Tablet Display Index; hover over your GemView model, and select "User Manual".



Version 1.3, R1021 (Last Update: May 8, 2017)




Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 8.1

Windows 10


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