Carrying Case (A-CP15-2)


The Topaz® 1x5 carrying case (model number A-CP15-2) is designed to hold and protect your 1x5 signature pad.



It features Neoprene-cushioning, a Velcro-seal, and convenient clip-on hook and belt loop.




Compatible Topaz Pads:

SignatureGem® 1x5
     T-S261 models


SigLite® 1x5
     T-S460 models


SigLite BT 1x5
     T-S460-BT models


SigLite SL 1x5
     T-S461 models

SigLite LCD 1x5
     T-L460/T-LBK460 models


SigLite LCD BT 1x5
     T-LBK460-BT models


SignatureGem LCD 1x5
     T-L462/T-LBK462 models


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